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Unique technology for safe handling of sterile items in instrument prep rooms

Instrument prep rooms are becoming more and more common as a way to increase productivity and safely lay out sterile-packaged instruments and other items so they are ready for use in surgery. As surgical departments are being constructed and renovated, a desire for such rooms is being voiced. To meet this need, we have developed Opragon 5 and 6 for safe handling of sterile items in instrument prep rooms.

Just as the larger Opragons, the Opragon 5 and 6 create an environment of ultra-clean air in the instrument prep rooms. TcAF prevents airborne contamination of sterile instruments as they are being laid out for use.

An Opragon 5 and 6 system includes a central circular main unit and 2-4 external air showers. A central core of vertical, laminar airflow surrounds the instrument prep table with the sterile instruments and the sterile-clad staff. The system is integrated with other parts of the ventilation system servicing the surgical department. The system can be connected from above or from the side, and with circular or rectangular ducts. The number of connections, their form, and their positioning are customised for each project.

Opragon 5

Recommended when planning one instrument prep room per operating room. The installation is suited for small sterile instrument prep rooms with space for two individuals to lay out sterile instruments for use.

Opragon 6

Recommended when planning one instrument prep room per two operating rooms. Like Opragon 5, the installation is designed for one sterile instrument prep room for two individuals, but has slightly larger floor space.

Please contact us for more info about Opragon for instrument prep rooms.

Custom configurations

Recommended for cases where for instance one instrument prep room will be used for three to four operating rooms. Here, two teams (i.e. four individuals) can work in parallel to lay out sterile instruments for use. Each team then has its own zone.

Opragon for other clean and safe hospital areas

There is a need to secure many hospital areas from transmission of airborne contaminants. Those contaminants may be any combination of bacteria, virus or particles and the goal varies from establishing safe working conditions for staff to safe and welcoming areas for patients and their relatives. By controlling the airflow and using gravity in key spots that need to be kept very clean, Opragon offers a complete ventilation system for whole departments and floors in your hospital buildings.

Examples include:

  • CSSD – proven designs are available for your whole Central Sterile Services Department where ideal working conditions are combined with flexible ultraclean work benches. 
  • Isolation rooms – minimize the risk of airborne transmission by controlling the airflow in the whole room, including air-locks and bathrooms.
  • Labs – ensure reliable and safe conditions in your critical areas.
  • Waiting rooms, patient rooms, ECUs, ICUs – minimize the risk of transmission between people using controlled downflow (towards the floor) and add air-curtains to seal off critical parts of rooms from each other.

Benefits of Opragon

Surgical Staff

  • Full flexibility to use whole OR
  • Ultra-clean in the whole OR
  • Robust protection against airborne contaminants
  • Most comfortable ultra-clean ventilation for surgical staff
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Facility Managers

  • Flexible installation that fits any room
  • Save space with low height (30cm)
  • Up to 30% lowered energy consumption (EU)
  • Quick maintenance and better uptime
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  • Free design support
  • Compliance with clean air standards
  • Reliable deliveries
  • On-site validation support
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We can tell you more

The Avidicare team is open to presentation and in-depth discussion on how the Opragon system can make a difference for both patients and hospital staff.