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A unique system for ultra-clean air in hospital areas

Opragon is an innovative ultra-clean ventilation system that has been developed to reduce airborne contaminants and the risk of infection during surgery. Opragon ensures ultra-clean air in the whole operating room. The system is based on a revolutionary combination of the classic mixed ventilation (which dilutes the number of bacteria-carrying particles) in the periphery of the room and a uni-directional flow in the middle of the room. The principle is called Temperature controlled AirFlow technology (TcAF). With TcAF, Opragon generates a superior level of purity throughout the whole operating room. Supplying slightly cooled air in a zone around the operating table, while evenly spaced external airshowers regulate the temperature of the room, Opragon creates a uniquely large ultra-clean environment.

  • Reducing risk of SSI by minimizing the airborne microbial contamination β€“ The Opragon has been found to reduce SSI. Each SSI is a catastrophe for both the patient and provider, often leading to long and resource-demanding treatment. 
  • Reducing carbon footprint by 50% by optimizing airflow in surgeries that are less prone to infection β€“ Keeping operational costs at a minimum, while maintaining exceptional air quality. 
  • Supporting antimicrobial stewardship β€“ Optimize the use of antibiotic prophylaxis by reducing an important SSI risk factor helps build resilience against antibiotic microbial resistance. 
  • Designing ORs with the ability to switch between higher and lower energy consumption depending upon SSI risk β€“ Only Temperature-controlled AirFlow (TcAF) can offer both modes. 

The most innovative and sustainable system for ultra-clean air

Opragon 8

A unique system for ultra-clean airΒ in operating theaters.

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Opragon Hybrid

For hybrid operating rooms – radiology and intervention in the same room.

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Opragon 5 and 6

Unique technology for safe handling of sterile items in instrument prep rooms.

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Services that increase the value of your investment

Opragon Digital Services

Opragon Digital Services helps you secure your daily operations by gaining better control, but also improving processes and working more efficiently.

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Avidicare Original Services

Avidicare services support you and increase the value of your investment.

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Benefits of Opragon

Surgical Staff

  • Full flexibility to use whole OR
  • Ultra-clean in the whole OR
  • Robust protection against airborne contaminants
  • Most comfortable ultra-clean ventilation for surgical staff
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Facility Managers

  • Flexible installation that fits any room
  • Save space with low height (30cm)
  • Up to 30% lowered energy consumption (EU)
  • Quick maintenance and better uptime
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  • Free design support
  • Compliance with clean air standards
  • Reliable deliveries
  • On-site validation support
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We help you design the optimal operating rooms

We are your partner within infection prevention. With many years of experience, and extended partnership, we are experts in designing ventilation in high-demanding environments. Opragon is a scientifically validated system, and with a patented technology.

Our customers

Today, there are more than 350 Opragon installations at leading academic hospitals and specialist clinics in Europe and in the United States. Customer satisfaction is very high and most customers even welcome visitors to share their experiences of Avidicare and the Opragon system.

Scientifically validated

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Patented technology

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