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Sustainable and competitive life-time cost

Opragon systems offers a 30% lower cost of ownership compared to standard laminar airflow systems, as stated by an article in the Journal of Hospital Infection (Oct 2017). The Opragon boasts a low energy cost without compromising efficiency, which is unique compared to any other ultra-clean ventilation system.

Right now, Opragon® has saved health care
This saving equals the total electrical bill for Swedish houses, or ton CO2. As you may know, Opragon® delivers ultra-clean air using 30% less energy than conventional systems.

Easy installation, customizable for any space and building

The Opragon system has a flexible design that is tailor-made for each installation. The minimum space requirement between the structural and false ceilings is 30 cm (approx. 12 inches), which allows for installations in rooms with limited space in both new and refurbished units. This makes it easy to intergrate with other parts of the OR design and any building constraints. No additional heating or cooling required – Opragon controls it all.

Designed for ease of maintenance

The Opragon is easy to maintain after installation which reduces total life-time cost – an important factor for the solid customer satisfaction among the clinics that have been using the Opragon for up to fifteen years so far. Increased uptime results in better business for the clinic.

Integrating with all systems

With 300 installations, Opragon has been installed with numerous systems for HVAC, ceiling nests, plates and support, lighting, wall, control and monitoring, pendulums and booms. We work closely with your selected partners in each project to make a fantastic design without any hassle. Read more about the compliance with clean air standards here.

Example of an Opragon Installation

1. Central Opragon unit
Cooled HEPA-filtered air provides an ultra-clean environment.

2. Peripheral airshowers
Their number varies depending on the size of the room. They control the room temperature and accelerate the sedimentation. The intake air is HEPA-filtered.

3. Exhaust air
The exhaust air is evacuated symmetrically at floor level.

Secure data transfer and cloud storage

Operational data from the Opragon and other sensors are obtained from the operating suite’s building automation controller. This data is sent by a secure gateway to a private Microsoft Azure™ cloud-based database.  It is a scalable system, both in terms of sensors, users, and theaters, which means that multiple users can see room status and climate for multiple theaters remotely. Advanced data analytics of real-time and historical data provides valuable insights into air quality and important environmental parameters that can affect patient and staff safety.

There are many benefits for your facility department since the surgical department will find it easier to describe fault conditions and provide actionable information, which makes it easier for you to locate faults. The value of the facility department’s support will also be appreciated more as it becomes even more clear how you contribute to reduced risks of infection and increased patient safety.

The Opragon technology is scientifically validated

An article in the Journal of Hospital Infection (Oct 2017) by Lund University shows that Opragon creates ultra-clean conditions in the whole room. It does so using less energy than other alternatives, while having the best working conditions. A full list of 45+ supporting scientific papers is available on our Evidence page.

We can tell you more

The Avidicare team is open to presentation and in-depth discussion on how the Opragon system can make a difference for both patients and hospital staff.