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Opragon for hybrid operating rooms

Radiology and intervention in the same room

The area of diagnostics and simultaneous intervention is developing at a rapid pace. Since a transfer from a radiology department to a surgical department exposes the patient to airborne bacteria, there is a growing demand to be able to perform examinations and procedures in the same room. This places greater demands on air purity than is possible to achieve in a radiology department.

Opragon is a great addition to an operating room, creating a very large environment of ultra-clean air. The system prevents airborne contamination of the operative zone, sterile-clad staff and sterile instruments, while at the same time making it possible to perform both medical imaging and surgery on the patient in the same room. Compared to laminar air-flow systems, a much larger clean zone is achieved, which gives the surgical team much more space for their critical work.

It was previously more difficult to achieve the same hygiene level for the air in a hybrid operating room as in a standard operating room. The ceiling of a hybrid operating room is normally so full of installations that there is not enough space for a traditional LAF ceiling. This problem is simply and flexibly resolved with Opragon for hybrid operating rooms. The Opragon system is installed in the ceiling and is combined with a moveable, ceiling-mounted C-arm, which slides back and forth in the ceiling-mounted rail system. Opragon is often installed outside of the ceiling-mounted rail, which leaves plenty of room for other equipment. The system produces a consistent level of less than 10 CFU/m³ in the entire hybrid operating room. The number of connections, their type, and their positioning are customized for each project.

Download the product sheet for Opragon hybrid here.

An integrated technical solution for ultra-clean surgery

The Opragon ventilation system is uniquely adaptable to be integrated with other high tech equipment to secure ultra-clean operating conditions. The adaptation of the Opragon hybrid solution with image-guided therapy system leads to optimal performance for all systems without compromise. Avidicare can and already has customized solutions with suppliers like Philips, Siemens, GE and Canon Medical.

Less sensitive to obstacles

Driven by gravity which ensures a resilient and robust downflow

Ultra-clean in the whole room

Measurements during live surgery show that the whole OR is ultra-clean

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Custom configurations

Number of connections, types and their positions are customized for each project

Simulations confirm ultra-clean conditions in the whole OR

The Opragon Hybrid system has a scientifically proven capability to wash airborne bacteria down to the floor where they are swept away to the sides and out via the peripheral exhausts. This leads to ultra-clean conditions in the whole OR.

The Opragon Hybrid system will secure <10 CFU/m3 according to CFD analysis performed by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden in 2019.

Benefits of Opragon

Surgical Staff

  • Full flexibility to use whole OR
  • Ultra-clean in the whole OR
  • Robust protection against airborne contaminants
  • Most comfortable ultra-clean ventilation for surgical staff
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Facility Managers

  • Flexible installation that fits any room
  • Save space with low height (30cm)
  • Up to 30% lowered energy consumption (EU)
  • Quick maintenance and better uptime
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  • Free design support
  • Compliance with clean air standards
  • Reliable deliveries
  • On-site validation support
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Scientifically validated

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Patented technology

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We can tell you more

The Avidicare team is open to presentation and in-depth discussion on how the Opragon hybrid system can make a difference for both patients and hospital staff.