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Apr 20, 2023

Invest in Your ORs and Attract Qualified Staff

Struggling with retaining staff and attracting clinicians and perioperative leaders is something most of US hospitals are familiar with. But how can you keep your staff satisfied and at the same time handle the strained profitability? 

With tougher times financially, it can feel tempting to cut your costs and maintain a fair result on the bottom line. However, it is not without consequences! You risk an unsatisfied workforce, and in addition to that, you risk future earnings and revenue. 

If you find yourself forced to keep costs down, make sure you don’t risk eliminating the chance of good profitability in the operating ward1.

As per a report2 published at Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), operating rooms can generate up to 70% of the hospital’s revenue, which makes it crucial for the hospital that this machinery is well-running. To reach that self-propelled and up-and-running ward, hospital management must create a prosperous and stable working environment for its employees.

Firstly, the staff must be satisfied with their work environment, both physically and mentally. It is significant that both surgical staff and OR management have peace of mind regarding the basis of their work both in terms of medical equipment but also scheduling and the dynamics of the work team.

When it comes to work comfort, it is important that the surgical staff have the best possible conditions to perform their complex and demanding job. It is both about the climate in the OR, such as ventilation, noise, and lighting, but also the comfort of the scrubs and clothing. In case of physical and long-term interventions, it is decisive that the surgeon is comfortable with the equipment, so that both body and mind can perform in the exhausting procedures. 

Opragon has a proven surgical staff satisfaction due to the minimal draught created when the air is released – not pushed – into the room. This leads to a low noise level and next to no wind chill effect. This ultra-clean ventilation enables the use of washable and comfortable clothes, rather than tight and expensive single-use clothing.

Secondly, for revenue and profitability, ORs must be in use and have minimal downtime. Older buildings and outdated operating rooms require longer downtime for cleaning and maintenance, while new technologies enable the rooms to be ready for the next procedure more quickly. With shorter downtime, it is also possible to free up time for more procedures during the same day, without valuable time being wasted on lengthy service or circumstantial cleaning routines.

Opragon is easy to maintain after installation which reduces total life-time cost – an important factor for the solid customer satisfaction among the clinics that have been using the Opragon for fifteen years so far. Increased uptime results in better business for the clinic.

Earlier we have highlighted3 the fact that not only patients are concerned about safety, and the risk of getting other infections at medical wards. Even personnel are looking for institutions that are prioritizing their safety. 

With Opragon, you show your staff that you care about their health and well-being, by using the latest and most innovative technology to reduce airborne contaminants and thereby reduce the risk of infection. In addition to creating a safe working environment, Opragon also increases the comfort of the staff, during the many and long hours in the operating room. With the newest technology on the market, the ORs are future-proof, and you can increase the profitability of your business in the following years, even thru challenging times. 

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Image courtesy: Hanne van der Woude and Linda Heller