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Mar 24, 2023

How Skåne University Hospital overcame high infection rates

A few years ago, the orthopedic clinic at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö, Sweden, had major problems with patients suffering from infections following spine surgery. Swedish public service television, SVT, published this morning a video of how the surgical and facilities teams overcame the problem.

In summary, measurements showed that the old ORs had too high levels of bacteria in the air. They invested in a modern module attached to the current building three stories up in the air with two new ORs inside. Equipped with a modern Opragon ventilation system, bacteria levels dropped and infection rates were significantly reduced.

It costs to build new ORs, but it also costs to get infections. Not just for the patient but for the whole society.

Anna Stéfansdóttir, lead orthopedist and responsible for patient safety, Skånes University Hospital

See the futuristic and ultra-clean modules in the video below:

This is exactly why we developed Opragon, a robust ventilation system used as infection prevention. In addition to hygiene and clothing in the operating rooms being taken care of according to protocol, it is also important to take into account the cleanliness of the air and the path of bacteria through it. To reduce swirling particles, where there is a high risk of airborne transmission from the source to the patient and wound area, it is important to have control over how the air moves in the room. By offering ultra-clean throughout the room, Opragon helps to reduce the risk of infections.

Photo: Henrik Norsell/SVT

We are very pleased that Region Skåne sees such great improvements from installing Opragon in their operating rooms, and that we together can reduce the risk of airborne infections.