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May 30, 2022

The brand-new Ortho & Spine Center Skåne has opened, equipped with Opragon systems

Sweden’s top athletes get even safer care as the brand-new Ortho & Spine Center Skåne has opened. Their operating suite contains four operating rooms with the latest technology in ventilation, the Opragon solution, which guarantees ultra-clean air for less risk of infections. 

To ensure that the entire room is ultra-clean during infection-sensitive surgery, Ortho & Spine Center chose to equip its operating rooms with Opragon. The clinic has specially adapted premises for orthopedic surgical care, including open and arthroscopic shoulder, elbow, hand, knee, and foot surgery as well as back surgery, hip, and knee prosthesis surgery. The orthopedic clinic has a focus on sports injury and serve as specialist reception for several sports teams. Opragon provides a comfortable working environment, so that the medical staff can focus on their tasks during long procedures, without being disturbed by the discomfort of too tight clothing and fatigue causes by deficient conditions.

“Given the challenge of implant surgery in orthopedics, in terms of preventing infections, we have been careful when it comes to choosing ventilation system. We already have good experience of Avidicare’s ventilation solutions within the GHP Group, and after reviewing various alternatives and the building’s conditions, the choice fell on Opragon again this time. After a month of operation, we can state that the air quality and the perceived comfort in the operating rooms meet our high expectations. The measurements made regarding purity have also been spotless.”

– David Roberts, CEO, Ortho & Spine Center Skåne

Ortho & Spine Center is at the forefront when it comes to choosing equipment for the clinic, for example the clinic also has one of Sweden’s only four CE-marked gas plants, which ensures operation based on the latest European standards. Together with Avidicare’s ventilation solution, Opragon, the medical facility is top modern and ensures a safe and comfortable environment for both patients and staff.

Because each installation and clinic is unique, individual adaptations and drawings are always made to secure the best solution. The installation at the clinic was done together with Climat80, who has many years of experience in advanced installations in healthcare. The technical solution has been designed specifically for the Ortho & Spine Center.

“The project was a big challenge mainly since the building was designed as an office building and there was no room for the installations. A future store at ground level was removed from the plan and this area was designed as technical areas for the surgery rooms. 

Our cooperation with Avidicare and Ortho & Spine Center solved most challenges with the design and problems with deliveries during the pandemic. 

We are proud to have been a part of this very special project!”

– Rikard Näsström, Marketing Manager, Climat80

We from Avidicare wish Ortho & Spine Center best of success with their new state-of-the-art clinic!