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Jul 25, 2022

Long-term customer Region Skåne shortens its surgical queues with the new and innovative Opragon In-a-Box!

To shorten waiting times and be able to treat patients more quickly, this gynecology clinic converted an older room into an operating room by installing Opragon In-a-Box. The installation took only a couple of days, and within a week the clinic was ready to perform surgical procedures in a room that had not been intended for surgery before. Opragon In-a-Box creates a zone with ultra-clean air in the room and now ensures increased capacity for safe clinical interventions.

The Gynecology Clinic at Central Hospital in Kristanstad, Sweden, treats gynecological disease or gynecological problems. In addition, patients with endometriosis, prolapse, injuries after childbirth or cell changes are treated at the facility. The Central Hospital is part of the Region Skåne and is at the forefront when it comes to medical equipment and infection prevention.

“To shorten the queues in healthcare that arose during the pandemic, we needed more rooms where we could perform safe interventions. Avidicare’s solution with Opragon In-a-Box solved so we could open a room for minor procedures, and thus treat patients quickly and safely. The ultra-clean zone ensures that the risk of infections during surgery are reduced.”

– Malin Kjellén, Surgical Nurse

“For us it was crucial that the installation could be done quickly and with best possible outcome. The installation of Opragon In-a-Box was fast, and the system was up-and-running within a few days. The permanent mounted system in the ceiling makes sure that air is pushed downwards the floor by gravity and avoids that air from the whole room whirls around in the sterile zone.”

-Marcus Jeppsson, Facility Manager

Within a week you can have an ordinary examination room transformed into an operating room suitable for smaller surgery. Opragon In-a-Box is easy to install, and can be installed in all kinds of rooms, to ensure a safe and ultra-clean zone for minor interventions. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can upgrade your medical facility.