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Jul 01, 2022

The new Opragon In-a-Box at Specialistläkarna

Specialistläkarna (“The specialist doctors”) in Lund, Sweden, is a pioneer as they are one of the first clinics that has installed the unique all-in-one solution Opragon In-a-BoxThe clinic performs high-quality care where it is important to operate in a safe environment. It is critical that both patient and staff are protected from airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria during surgery in order to reduce the risk of infections. 

Specialistläkarna in Lund offers specialist care in surgery, gastrointestinal (endoscopic examinations), orthopedics, urology, and treatment of disorders in ear, nose, and throat. The clinic is modern and equipped for examinations and treatments in each specialty.

It has installed Opragon In-a-Box in a surgery room to be able to perform minor interventions in an ultra-clean zone with reduced risk of infections. The ultra-clean air protects both patient and staff from airborne contaminants and makes the surgery safer for everyone involved. With Opragon In-a-Box the sterile zone is ultra-clean, and the risk of infections is reduced, both in terms of SSI and other airborne infections.

“With Opragon In-a-Box we have gained access to a room that has ultra-clean air in the zone over patient and surgeon. It is a comfortable environment in the room, and it feels safe to know that the air is clean, and you can perform the procedure safely for both the patient and medical staff.”

– Nicole Zaborowska, CEO

Opragon In-a-Box brings the unique Temperature-controlled AirFlow technology from the large ultra-clean operating theaters into the small surgery rooms. Follow Specialistläkarna’s example and equip your clinic with the latest technology in robust air purification. Contact us for free design support.