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Jan 27, 2021

State-of-the-art hospital installs Opragon in their two new hybrid operating theaters!

At OLVG in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, two ultramodern and future-proof hybrid operating theaters will be built in 2021, next to the current OR floor. The new hybrid operating rooms are hinged in the open atrium that currently serves as waiting area. A true technical masterpiece!

Design and image by EGM Architects

OLVG has chosen Opragon to create two ultra-clean and flexible hybrid operating rooms, with very large working areas and the best comfort for the surgical staff. 

This unique Opragon version is developed to fit with Philips Azurion Flexarm, a combination that gives the highest level of image quality and hygiene without compromise. Opragon releases HEPA filtrated air with temperature-controlled airflow (TcAF) that uses gravity to quietly and comfortably sweep away contaminants from the OR. 

Design and image by EGM Architects

Eric Wendel at EGM architects explains the design: “On the basis of the requirements, it would suffice to hang a box between the existing building wings. However, we thought we could make something special out of it, matching the ambitions of the OLVG. Because the new OR space is suspended in an open atrium, a closed box would darken the space, reduce it and give the feeling of loss of space. For the spatial experience, the appearance of the hybrid ORs had to be light, which would improve the atrium. Moreover, it had to do justice to the technological wonders that take place within them.” 

 Another important requirement for the choice of ventilation is sustainability. Recirculation chambers ensure 75% reuse of the air. In combination with the uniquely efficient Opragon ventilation system, this results in significant energy savings. Joeri van Daatselaar at ULC Installatietechniek says: “The HVAC system is also linked to the patient electronic health record system. The purpose of this is to provide and monitor the correct conditions during the operation. And when no patient is present, the installation can be returned to stand-by mode, which can be adjusted down to 30% of the maximum. This also results in a significant energy reduction.”

Avidicare is proud to be a part in this innovative project at OLVG Amsterdam. The new hybrids are planned to put in to use in January 2022.

Client: OLVG

Installation company: ULC

Imaging: Philips

Construction: MedicomZes

Advisor: Deerns

Architect: EGM

Reference: FMT Huisvesting, Ingrid Cremers, November 2020