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Oct 08, 2020

How can you protect yourself from Covid-19 aerosols?

The tips and guides on how to protect yourself from the pandemic are everywhere – on the internet, from the government and from more or less credible and trustworthy sources. 

Is it handwashing that is the most important advice? But how about the airborne transmission then? Should I wear a mask or not – what kind of mask in that case? And am I safe outside, can I take the elevator, and what about sending the kids to school?


So, how to screen between all those messages and pieces of advice?


Luckily, a team of professors have compiled an excellent FAQ on all the questions and answers in one place. Take a look at the link and reduce your confusion!


It isn’t easy to keep up with all restrictions and pieces of advice, especially not since they seem to change the more we learn about the virus. A lot of clinics have been forced to close for both staff and patient safety reasons, where dentistry is seen as a risk procedure due to the aerosolize of saliva on the patient. Besides aerosolization of the virus with airborne transmission as result, many clinics have lacked sterile material when emergency treatment is prioritized. 

Are you running a dental office or private clinic, and are you forced to keep your clinic closed due to the pandemic? Avidicare has a long-time experience of providing safe environments for both patient and staff in operating department and offer flexible solution for your clinic. Contact us for more information!