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Sep 09, 2020

Top Prostate Cancer clinic opens with Opragon in all operating rooms

To offload the long queues to surgery – now longer than ever following the pandemic – new specialist clinics open in many areas. To be successful, these clinics must show excellent patient outcomes while being very efficient. Skilled staff needs to be attracted and the facility must be resilient to interruptions. A key means of providing this is ensuring that the operating rooms, the financial engines of the clinic, are safe for both patients and staff.  To this end, the newly opened Peritus Clinic at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden, selected to equip all their four new ORs with Opragon ventilation systems.

 The Peritus Clinic is one of the most modern and best equipped specialist clinics in Europe. The clinic is an important resource for the Swedish public healthcare within diagnostics and treatment of prostate cancer.

 The care queues are constantly getting longer in the public health service, a situation that is unacceptable to all parties and which can ultimately affect patients in a serious way.

Since today there are treatment methods that can effectively cure many forms of cancer, the problem with the care queues is primarily about lack of resources. It is clear that accessibility for patients in need of care is not optimal. Our desire is to cooperate with the public health service, says Prof Emeritus of Oncological Urology, Per-Anders Abrahamsson.

The clinic has four top modern operating theaters, and each one of them has Opragon 8 ventilation systems installed. One of the operating theaters is for Robotic Surgery, and the three others are traditional operating rooms. All of them are suited for both laparoscopic surgery and open surgery.

Opragon, a superior ventilation system for healthcare, is a great solution for operating rooms for infection sensitive surgery, such as cancer treatments and orthopedics. The installation is highly flexible and provides ultra-clean air in the whole operating theater.

The installation of Opragon at the Peritus Clinic is customized to the building, as the clinic’s premises have previously been offices. The flexibility of Opragon, with the opportunity to customize each installation to an existing building, makes is possible to install the TcAF system with as little as 30 cm between ceiling and false roof!

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