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May 24, 2023

Avidicare AB Announces Opening of North American Headquarters in Rochester, NY

Avidicare AB, the Swedish manufacturer of the Opragon, the first innovation in operating room ventilation in 60 years, has chosen Rochester, NY for its North American headquarters.

The Opragon was designed in 2012 to overcome the limitations of conventional operating room ventilation, bring harmful airborne microbial contaminants to an irreducible level, create more comfortable working conditions for surgical personnel and optimize energy consumption. The Opragon is the only ventilation system on the market today that has been shown to reduce surgical site infection. With over 300 installations in Europe, including top-ranked, globally recognized surgical centers, the company recently installed its first system at a US academical medical center at the new University of Rochester Medicine Orthopaedics & Physical Performance Center.

Patients in the Western New York region who need ambulatory surgery for bone and joint conditions will experience a number of “firsts.” The Opragon ventilation system is among a number of innovations that will make the URMC campus one of the most advanced and safest orthopedic surgical centers in the nation.

According to Avidicare, CEO, Peter Hojerback,

We view Rochester as an ideal location for our North American headquarters given the region’s long history of manufacturing excellence, robust resources for installation and integration and access to the range of business services that our growing company will need. We welcome the opportunity to partner with local healthcare delivery, engineering and construction companies to advance our mission of protecting patients and surgical personnel from the risk of airborne infection.

The Opragon uses a patented technology that produces a more reliable and robust downward flow of air enabling the Opragon to produce and maintain ultra-clean air quality conditions throughout today’s larger, more highly equipped and more active operating rooms. By more effectively controlling the direction and velocity of the air, the Opragon provides a higher level of protection from harmful pathogens for both patients and surgical personnel.

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