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Aug 11, 2020

Another top orthopedic clinic starts surgery with Opragon

Reinier Haga Orthopedic Center in the Netherlands chooses Opragon for their five specialist operation theaters – another successful installation to a satisfied customer!

Reinier Haga Orthopedic Center, who has the ambition to be the largest center for orthopedic care in the Netherlands, has recently open right next to the LangeLand Hospital in Zoetermeer.

Orthopedic surgeon and medical director Dr. Rolf Bloem in the ultramodern operating room at the Orthopedic Center in Zoetermeer. © Fred Leeflang

The operating rooms on floor two are the showpieces of the Orthopedic Center. Dr Rolf Bloem, orthopedic surgeon and medical director, points to the unique air treatment system in the five operating rooms.

Highly purified air is blown down through spheres above the operating table and this air is sucked away at the bottom of the walls. Normally, a square box is drawn in the operating room within which the medical team must perform its work. The same air quality is present everywhere in this room. We have a space of 49 square meters, which is the ideal size for orthopedic procedures. In a hospital where we have to share the operating room with other departments, there is often only 36 square meters available.”

Dr. Rolf Bloem – Orthopedic Center in Zoetermeer


Avidicare is proud to provide RHOC with Opragon ventilation system – Congratulations to a state-of-the-art orthopedic clinic!


Are you interested in learning more about how Opragon can be adapted for your installation? Contact us for more information!