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Our history

Avidicare AB is a research-based medtech company with a focus on infection prevention. We are leaders in the development of systems for managing airborne bacteria and virus contamination in hospitals. Our main product is the Opragon ventilation system.

Avidicare was initially part of Airsonett AB, which was spun off from cleanroom company Airson AB in 2000. Airsonett AB was formed in order to introduce technology from industrial cleanrooms to meet needs in the healthcare sector. As part of Airsonett, we developed our unique airshowers as well as our technology using TcAF (Temperature controlled Air Flow). In combination, this created completely new opportunities to prevent the presence of harmful bacteria in medical environments. The development gave rise to Opragon – a new, innovative ventilation system for infection-sensitive surgery which reduces the risk of infections by creating zones or even whole rooms with ultra-clean air. 

In 2010, the business related to the surgical work-flow were moved into a separate company, Airsonett Operating Room Innovation AB (AORIAB), which changed its name to Avidicare AB in early 2013. Today, the company is based in Lund, where a state-of-the-art laboratory to study different ventilation solutions in operating rooms was constructed in 2013.